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Abby Robert-ceremony-0109.jpg
Abby Robert-ceremony-0117.jpg
Abby Robert-ceremony-0092.jpg
Abby Robert-getting ready-0002.jpg
Abby Robert-Abby and Robert-0353 (1).jpg
Abby Robert-Abby and Robert-0360.jpg
Abby Robert-Abby and Robert-0372.jpg
Abby Robert-reception-0023.jpg
Abby Robert-reception-0029.jpg
Abby Robert-reception-0035.jpg
Abby Robert-reception-0009.jpg
Abby Robert-reception-0033.jpg
Abby Robert-reception-0052.jpg
Abby Robert-reception-0027.jpg

February 14, 2015

Photography: Emma Lee Photography

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